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The Loyalty Card your customers will actually use

Getting Customers to return to your business can be an impossible task. SQUID Loyalty is the app that incentivises one-time buyers to become customers for life.

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Real Businesses. Real Results.

Create real loyalty and boost revenue by rewarding your customers!

Over 1800 retailers across the globe use SQUID Loyalty to increase their profits through focusing on their most valuable customers. With over 300,000 Loyal customers using SQUID, our easy to use solution will be loved by your customers and staff alike!

Loyalty Card & Portal

Offer a custom loyalty card and monitor your loyalty system, customer insights and results through the business portal.

Get Discovered

Allow customers to discover your business and loyalty scheme through our discovery page and map!

Promote and Sell

Advertise special offers and sell vouchers on our marketplace to boost cashflow!

Reach Out

Stay in touch and reach out to your customer community through our push notification feature!

Be part of the SQUID Loyalty Community today!

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We’ve helped 1800+ businesses drive over 13 million purchases!

Our Story

We are Ireland’s leading digital loyalty card platform connecting people and businesses across the globe through loyalty.

We founded SQUID in 2019 when we realised there wasn’t a loyalty platform on the market that solved the needs of both businesses and customers. SQUID was created to help the people behind businesses connect with customers and increase loyalty.

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For Businesses

SQUID: Loyalty Made Simple!

Check out some of the ways you could benefit from SQUID Loyalty.

Build Loyalty

A loyalty card your customers will actually use

Tired of lost paper loyalty cards or spending 5 minutes setting up a new app profile? With SQUID, customers can effortlessly join your loyalty program in just one tap and carry their digital loyalty card with them.

SQUID is used FOUR TIMES more frequently and engages customers THREE TIMES better than competing digital loyalty solutions or even the traditional paper loyalty card.

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Boost Sales

Say goodbye to quiet days & hello to reliable revenue

Is your revenue up one month and down the next? SQUID can help you build consistent revenue month-on-month by growing your loyal customer base, and having a dependable base of returning customers.

SQUID Provides you with a suite of tools to do this such as in store promotions and customer rewards outside of your primary loyalty scheme that encourages higher spending and more frequent visits to your store. The average SQUID customer collects 7 Loyalty Stamps per month, which offers a huge opportunity to upsell. Embrace reliability and sustained growth with SQUID.

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No More Guesswork

Get the insights you need to make great decisions

Running a successful business is all about making the right decisions, and making a lot of them. See your busiest times, understand your customers’ buying habits & much more with the SQUID analytics portal.

Use targeted push notifications to reach the right customers, with the right message, at the right time. Running a 2 for 1 on coffee next Monday? 50% off lunch for college students on Wednesday? Directly communicate with your users through SQUID.

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Who is it for?

Bringing Communities Together

SQUID can be used by Cafès, Lunch Spots, Barbers, Beauty Salons… Anyone! If you have a product that you can offer a discount on after repeat purchases, then SQUID is for you!

Our discovery page is what connects businesses and customers, allowing app users to find businesses in their local area that want to reward their repeat customers! SQUID wants to bring communities together, incentivising people to explore new businesses and find their new regular spot!

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For App Users

Customers just need to have the App, Tap the tag and Go earn rewards – App Tap Go!

Our easy to use wallet style app allows customers to store all their loyalty cards in one place and never run the risk of losing them again.

Get more purchases from your loyal customers, build connections and keep them coming back to your business.

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Why Loyalty?

Keeps your customers coming back
More purchases more often equals more revenue
Connect with your customers and build them into your brands advocates.


Discover Real Success Stories
with SQUID Loyalty

Learn how our partners use SQUID to boost revenue and create deeper and more meaningful customer connections.

Java Republic saw an instant boost in repeat business from SQUID, signing up 100 loyal customers in their first month.

SQUID works straight out of the box. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up and then it’s just there on your counter bringing you more customers. Our staff love how simple the system is and our customers love the convenience of having their loyalty card on their phone.


Liana CliffordManager, Java Republic
Soul Juice Bar has 690 loyal regulars after just three months on SQUID.

SQUID is incentivised to help you succeed, so they do everything they can to help you.  Their customer success team is incredibly proactive and will call you unprompted to talk about promotional ideas to sign up more loyal users, help drive footfall to your store and help you get the most value out of the product.

TomOwner, Soul Juice Bar
Zambrero uses SQUID to stay top of mind for almost 6,000 customers.

SQUID has been a real secret weapon while we’ve  expanded to 14 locations. With their push notifications we’re able to reach thousands of our customers directly free of charge and keep them coming back in store repeatedly. And their analytics dashboard allows us to understand our customers better and make more informed decisions about what they’ll want.

Darragh FanningManager, Zambero - Ireland

Be part of the SQUID Loyalty Community today!

Join now and get discovered by over 250,000 people!

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Return of Investment

Why Keeping Loyal Customers Returning will be your Best investment

Loyalty is not just a nice to have, it’s a need to have.

Every customer that walks through the doors of your business has something called a Customer Lifetime Value or CLV. This figure estimates the average amount a customer will spend in your business before they dont return. If you can focus your efforts on getting a customer to return to your store through Loyalty and good brand experiences, it increases their CLV for your business. With each returning visit also allows for upselling opportunities, them to bring friends and family, and for them to be a brand ambassador for your business.

With SQUID, business owners experience increased customer retention, amplified sales and enhanced brand loyalty.


Sustainable Rewards – The Eco-Friendly Benefits of SQUID Loyalty

​​In a world increasingly conscious of its environmental impact, SQUID Loyalty is helping brands embrace eco-friendliness. By replacing traditional physical loyalty cards, we’re not just improving your rewards experience; we’re also reducing your businesses consumption of paper and plastic. With SQUID, there’s no need for physical cards that contribute to waste and pollution; instead, your loyalty rewards are stored conveniently on your smartphone, aligning with your sustainable lifestyle choices.

Together, we’re not only rewarding loyalty but also nurturing a greener planet for generations to come. Join SQUID Loyalty today and be a part of the sustainable revolution, one tap at a time.