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Chop Chop! Do Loyalty Programs Really Boost Success for Hair Salons?

Ever wonder why your favourite coffee shop gives you a free drink after every ten purchases? They're simply using a…
May 10, 2024
Industry Highlights

Americano To Romano : Your Ultimate Guide To Different Types of Coffee !

Hey brew-tiful people (see what I did there?) Let me ask you something - Have you ever walked into a…
March 8, 2024
Case Studies

Steaming Ahead: Cafe Trends for 2024

As we reach the end of 2023, one thing is clear (and has been clear at the end of every…
November 7, 2023
Case Studies

Brewing Success: Marketing Strategies for Cafes

In the bustling world of cafes - exceptional coffee, delicious treats, and a warm smile, isn't quite enough for success…
October 18, 2023
Case Studies

Brewing Success: Strategies for College-Town Coffee Shops

Coffee shops situated near college campuses have a golden opportunity to boost business now that the Colleges are back in…
September 18, 2023
Industry Highlights

Iced Coffee: The Cool Way to Boost Revenue and Win Consumers During the Summer Heat!

With the Summer Solstice just passing, and the new summer season officially beginning, people are looking for ways to beat…
June 23, 2023

Tips for how independent coffee shops can increase sales and revenue through loyalty schemes

Loyalty Programs are a simple and proven way to increase sales and revenue for coffee shops. They help not only…
June 12, 2023

The Value of Loyalty – How, understanding loyalty might make or break your business

While our team might think of ourselves as the loyalty experts we know that not everyone understands just how valuable…
May 12, 2023