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With the Summer Solstice just passing, and the new summer season officially beginning, people are looking for ways to beat the heat. The one beverage that gives some respite from the sweat and always wins out in satisfying caffeine cravings is none other than – iced coffee. This beloved summer staple is not just a tasty treat to offer, it also presents a lucrative opportunity for businesses to increase their revenue during the season. In this post, we are going to explore the reasons why iced coffees are a hit among consumers and how they can effectively contribute to a boost in your sales.

Get Loud About Your Iced Coffee! 📣

The primary reason consumers flock to iced coffees over hot coffees during the summer is obvious; to get their caffeine fix while avoiding the heat from their regular hot coffee. When temperatures soar, potential consumers crave a way to cool down from the heat, and a well-prepared iced coffee can be just the ticket to providing this much-needed relief. Having a menu that offers customers the option for iced coffee can differentiate your business from others and be the difference between purchasing from you or another coffee shop down the street. Make sure you let passersby know that you are offering iced coffee on your menu by putting up posters in front of the store, placing a chalkboard on the street, and making social media posts. Use attractive images and vibrant colours to catch customers’ attention. Additionally, consider placing iced coffee at the beginning or in a separate section of the menu to make it easily noticeable.

Let Customers Enjoy it in Their Own Way!

Iced coffee offers a wide range of options for customisation, appealing to a diverse consumer base. Simple, cheap ways to customise your ice coffee range and help your store stand out include; adding flavoured syrups, milk alternatives, or toppings like whipped cream or caramel drizzle allowing customers to tailor their iced coffee to suit their preferences. This versatility not only enhances the overall consumer experience but also encourages repeat visits as customers continue to explore different flavour combinations while also offering them an instagrammable treat to spread awareness about your brand! Get creative here, make an iced coffee menu for your store with some pre-decided mixes and you can begin to charge a small extra fee for these ‘special’ drinks, making these iced coffees a big profit earner!

Expanding Market Potential 🧍🧍🧍🧍

The popularity of iced coffees continues to rise, presenting a significant opportunity for businesses to expand their market potential. This is especially true for smaller establishments that traditionally focus on hot coffee. By incorporating iced coffee options into their menus, businesses can attract new customers who prefer the cooler alternative during the summer months, thereby increasing their customer base and overall revenue. Including iced coffees as part of your loyalty programme is also essential to winning that repeat custom and engagement from customers. Often these drinks get left out of loyalty schemes and coffee shops miss out on the opportunities to increase their revenue further. Iced Coffees are definitely not just a summer craving, incorporating them into your menu will have a year round effect of attracting new customers.

By leveraging the increasing popularity of iced coffee, businesses can enhance their profitability while delighting consumers with a refreshing and delicious summer treat. So, go ahead and embrace the power of iced coffees to make your business shine during the sunny days ahead!