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As we reach the end of 2023, one thing is clear (and has been clear at the end of every year in recent history), the coffee industry is ever-changing. Coffee enthusiasts and cafe owners are always on the lookout for innovative ways to enjoy and serve the perfect roast. With each passing year, new trends and opportunities emerge, making it crucial to stay in the know.

But here’s the thing, it’s not just about riding the latest trend wave. It’s about picking the ones that truly make sense for your cafe. Recent research suggests that by 2030, the global specialty coffee market is expected to soar to a staggering USD 51.4 Billion, this growth driven by the rising trend of ready-to-drink coffee, premium brews, and the ever-expanding number of coffee shops worldwide. By serving up fresh options to your customers, you’re not only putting smiles on their faces but also putting your cafe in the position to flaunt its prowess on social media – You’re letting the world know you’re the cafe to beat.

As the aroma of freshly brewed success starts to fill the air, we’re here to guide you through the hottest coffee trends you can expect to attract customers in 2024 and beyond.

Unique Specialty Coffee ☕

First things first, let’s talk about the coffee itself. Coffee lovers in 2024 are looking for more than just a caffeine fix, they want a unique experience. The younger crowd, especially those who are between the ages of 18-39, are on the lookout for new and exciting extraction styles and flavours, rather than being offered a simple house blend drip coffee. Whether it’s cold brew, nitro cold brew, iced coffee, or something completely out of the box, offering distinctive and high-quality coffee options is key. This ever growing group of coffee enthusiasts want a taste that’s as unique as they are, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Embrace the Tech 💻📱

Keeping up with customer demands and industry changes can be a massive challenge on top of running a business day-to-day. That’s where technology comes in.

One piece of tech all coffee shops should embrace if they have not already, is a digital Point Of Sale (POS). Modern POS systems streamline transactions, enhance customer experiences, and provide valuable insights into sales and inventory. By embracing these innovations, coffee shops can serve customers more efficiently, reduce wait times, and gain a competitive edge in an increasingly digital marketplace.

It might be tough at first but say goodbye to old-school paper menus and chalkboards – but digital menu boards are the way to go. They allow you to showcase your offerings with eye-catching images and videos, making your menu come to life. They also allow you to easily update your offerings, showcase seasonal drinks, and schedule limited-time promotions. This allows you to directly communicate with your customers without having to say a word, letting you influence customers to purchase the products you want to sell more of.

With digital loyalty companies such as SQUID Loyalty, you can schedule and send push notifications to engage your customers and keep them informed in real-time. Push notifications are direct and personalised messages sent straight to your customers phones, allowing you to inform them at the drop of a hat about whatever news you want them to know. It’s about improving their experience, and SQUID’s push notification system makes it super easy!

To learn more about how SQUID Loyalty’s push notifications can supercharge your coffee shop’s marketing efforts, click here.

Elevate Your Food Offerings with Sustainability and Health in Mind 🥗

Coffee isn’t the only thing in the spotlight. Customers are increasingly looking for a place where they can sit and relax for an extended amount of time, be it to work remotely or get out of the house as it has become the new office. You should welcome these customers with open arms as they are perfect for upsells, especially if you serve food. With consumers becoming more mindful of what they eat, emphasising sustainability and prioritising their health is key in deciding what you offer. Embracing this trend is an opportunity to not only delight your customers but also contribute to a more sustainable and local economy.

Consider sourcing your ingredients locally to support nearby farmers and reduce your carbon footprint. By integrating local products into your menu, you’re not only offering fresh and seasonal options but also strengthening your community’s economic fabric. Think about introducing plant-based and sustainable options, particularly using ingredients like mushrooms. These choices cater to the growing number of health-conscious and environmentally-aware customers. The terms ‘locally sourced’ and ‘sustainable’ are great to use within your marketing too as people will then begin to trust that you have the best intentions at heart.

Reimagining classic treats with a healthier twist is a very popular trend that your customers will thank you for. Offering healthier alternatives not only demonstrates your commitment to their well-being but can also bolster customer loyalty. Incorporating these practices into your cafe’s food offerings doesn’t just make good business sense, it’s a step towards a more sustainable, healthier, and community-focused future.

Create a Trendy Vibe with Aesthetic Coffee Shop Interiors 💐

In this social media-driven world, it’s all about those double-tap-worthy moments, right? So, why not jazz up your cafe space to make it not just a coffee spot but a place that screams “Snap, Share, and Sip!” Think of it as a stage, soft, inviting lighting that sets the perfect mood, cosy nooks with furniture that practically gives you a hug when you sit down and a sprinkle of greenery.

It’s not just about aesthetics however; it’s about crafting an experience that turns your regular coffee run into a full-on coffee adventure. The right ambiance can set the mood, inspire creativity, and make your cafe the go-to spot for memorable moments.

Coffee’s New Best Friend: Digital Loyalty 🤝

As we step into the future of coffee, it’s clear that fostering a dedicated community of coffee lovers is just as important, if not more so, than serving exceptional coffee. Loyalty programs play a pivotal role in creating this sense of community. With the list of ‘Where to Get Your Coffee’ growing longer and longer, you need to step out and show your customers how much you appreciate their loyal support. It’s not merely about the quality of the coffee, it’s about crafting an environment that entices people to keep returning.

We know why, but what about how? Traditional punch cards are seen the world over, but the issues with them are becoming more and more clear. Paper waste seen from these cards is becoming very unpopular especially with younger generations, they are easy to lose, and they tell you nothing about your customers. Embracing the digital era with loyalty programs like SQUID allows you to see much more benefits from your loyalty scheme for almost the same price as printing paper cards. These Digital Loyalty Programs transform your cafe into an interactive coffee adventure, offering rewards, perks, and personalised experiences at your customer’s fingertips.

SQUID’s platform is a treasure trove of data, unveiling what products your customers adore, their shopping habits, and what drives their coffee choices. With this wealth of information, you can tailor your marketing, promotions, and menu to cater to their unique tastes. And with SQUID, there’s a dedicated team of customer success experts ready to guide you on this loyalty journey.

Wrapping Up

As we count down the days to bid farewell to 2023, you still have the perfect window of opportunity to align strategies with the upcoming cafe trends in 2024. These trends promise a world of exciting possibilities, making it an ideal time to get ahead of the game. So, whether you’re crafting the perfect brew, infusing sustainability into your menu, or turning your cafe into an aesthetic escape, seize this moment to embrace the future of coffee and create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression. With digital loyalty programs like SQUID, you can ensure your customers feel valued, engaged, and part of something special. Here’s to a year filled with coffee, innovation, and a devoted coffee-loving community. It’s not just coffee; it’s a journey, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.

To explore how SQUID Loyalty can transform your cafe’s loyalty program, schedule a personalised demo with us today. 🦑